I live in a tiny house on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with all my favourite little humans and a fantastic pizza shop across the street. 

I love coffee, children with chubby cheeks and the odd glass of red. I believe that being in or near water is the best cure for everything. 

My special skills include being able to find the beauty and humour in almost anything and believing that when I work I’m an invisible ninja, dressed in black and armed with a camera (or two) in my hand.

Hi There !

My early days of photography were spent learning the ropes in the fashion, still-life and documentary worlds. When I stumbled into shooting weddings for friends and family, I immediately knew I was doing something that I loved. 

Weddings are a beautiful mix of documentary storytelling, fashion, portrait and still-life photography. They push me to explore the fine balance between capturing the authentic and genuine raw emotions of the moment.

Creating magic behind the lens. 

After nearly a decade spent photographing heartfelt moments at weddings and in portraits, I know that the best way to capture all the natural, candid emotion, is to just blend in and let the event unfold naturally, recording all the moments along the way. 

The stolen glances, the fleeting expressions, all the individual quirks of the day and all the people who are important to you. 

Contact me today to find out how I can make your memories last a lifetime…


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Omg how I love you.
Possibly more than my husband....? Lol.

More than the incredible photos I LOVE the story you told. I am soooo touched that you loved being there as much as we were so blessed to have you with us.

I literally relived every moment scrolling this (and we've been ogling over our photos for hours now). It was just. So. Good. Thankyou!

Tammi & antony

melissa & geoff

The photos look beautiful!! Thank you! 

Thanks again for being so great Fiona! We were both pretty nervous about being photographed but you made us feel at ease and we just had fun. We loved having you at the wedding and so many people commented how you fit right in. We hope you enjoyed the day too!

dan & lauren

I just looked through these and I've got the biggest smile on my face!!!!

Fiona these are incredible – they turned out even better than I possibly could have imagined… they capture the day magnificently!
Thank so much again – you have such a talent for this and it was a such a pleasure to have you there on the day.